Eleven-Year-Old Uses His Lemonade Stand to Raise Money For Single Moms

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Currents News Staff

It’s always been difficult for single mothers to buy diapers for their kids.The pandemic has complicated that even further.

Cartier Kerry is only 11-years-old, and a rising sixth grader. But the little boy with the heart of gold is also the CEO of #Cartipack, which is a lemonade stand that aims to help single mothers.

“We are raising money for single mothers that are struggling,” said Cartier. ”I set out to sell lemonade, chips, candy and all types of stuff that people wanna come buy, and it’s not expensive.”

Each cup of the summertime drink   and the goodies on the side  all go to buy diapers.

“Diapers are for mothers, for people that know people that have babies,” said Cartier.

It’s an unusual business model, but one that’s working.

“There’s a shortage of pampers, of wipes in the stores because of the pandemic,” said Anthony Carey, Cartier’s father. “It couldn’t have been a better time.” 

Cartier and his friends could be out playing sports or riding bikes, but instead they’re helping single mothers in the community, He started the non-profit “Kids For Change 757” about a year ago.

“There are a lot of grown-ups out there not doing what we’re doing,” said Cartier. 

“As a parent, it makes me feel spectacular,” said Anthony. “Not only help older adults and all, but it’s to help children see they can make change inside of their communities, too.”

At the end of his shift, Cartier hit the shade and tallied up his sales: more than $2,000 made in just three days’ time.