Drive-Thru Coronavirus Testing Sites Popping Up

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Currents News Staff

The coronavirus has put the world on hold and the number of those infected with the disease grows on a daily basis.

But most people, especially in the U.S., don’t know if they’ve got it because of a lack of testing.

The disease is spreading rapidly across the globe. The U.S. is among the countries seeing a more-than 33-percent daily increase in case numbers.

But there’s a new method of testing that’s not only helping people but also helping protect health care workers.

A number of drive-thru testing sites are popping up in cities like Rochester, Minnesota, Denver and San Francisco.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says New York state’s first public drive-through testing facility debuts Friday.

Residents of New Rochelle, who are under quarantine will get tested first.

People need to meet certain criteria in order get tested at the drive-up facility.