Dorian Brings Rain, Wind, and Tornadoes to Carolinas

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Currents News Staff

Hurricane Dorian is still swirling off the coast of North Carolina and Southern Virginia, but the storm has weakened to a Category 1.

Residents of the Carolinas bearing Dorian’s wrath over the past 24 hours faced fierce winds, torrential rain and destructive tornadoes.

“I was outside when I heard the roar and saw things start churning,” said one resident.

Many in the storm’s path woke this morning to devastated homes and businesses after tornadoes sprung up Thursday with little warning.

“I looked outside and the tornado was literally just going through the back, bouncing away across there – debris flying everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life,” said Byron Cox from Emerald Isle, NC.

Tens of thousands are without electricity as power lines are down throughout the region.

The good news is that Hurricane Dorian is weakening and moving further out to sea, away from the coast of North Carolina and Virginia.

“Fortunately, we’ll be back open this weekend. The sun will be out, poor people in the Bahamas have years to regroup. But we’ll be all good in a couple days,” said Brett Yearout, a Charleston business owner.

As Dorian continues to track northeast, residents in New York will face beach closures due to rip tides, while parts of Massachusetts are under a tropical storm warning where high winds are expected through much of the weekend.