‘Don’t Claim Victory Too Soon’ Warns Pope Francis as Countries Reopen

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Currents News Staff

In Italy, data reveals the coronavirus situation is improving. However, in the June 7 Angelus, the Holy Father recommended not claiming victory too soon and to remember the countries where the situation is still critical.

“Pay attention, don’t claim victory before its time, don’t claim victory too soon. Thank God we are coming out of the hardest moments, but continue to comply with the rules, given by authorities,” said Pope Francis. “Unfortunately, in other countries, I can think of some, the virus is still taking the life of many victims.”

Minutes before, he had reflected on the Sunday’s feast – that of the Holy Trinity.

“Today, thinking of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, leads us to remember the love of God. It would be very beautiful if we felt loved. God loves me. This is today’s feeling,” he explained.

The pontiff suggested reflecting on this sentiment over the next few days in light of the upcoming liturgical feasts.

In St. Peter’s Square, the lack of tourists is still noticeable. Italy has opened its airports to countries within the European Union. However, many countries still do not allow travel to the country.