Sharing Goods Not Communism But ‘Pure Christianity,’ Pope Francis Says

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By Currents News Staff

For the second consecutive year, Pope Francis visited the church of Divine Mercy in Rome, April 11. Here he celebrated Mass in commemoration of Divine Mercy Sunday, which was established by John Paul II.

The church holds an image of Jesus as He appeared to Saint Faustina Kowalska. It was during these visions that the Polish nun came to better understand the Mercy of God.

Pope Francis stated that Christians who do not accept God’s mercy and who are not merciful to others live their faith half-heartedly.

“This is the starting-point of our Christian journey,” the Holy Father said. “But if we trust in our own abilities, in the efficiency of our structures and projects, we will not go far. Only if we accept the love of God, will we be able to offer something new to the world.”

The pontiff recalled how in His first apparitions after the resurrection, Jesus freed the disciples of their remorse. With His message to them he did not take away their problems, but he gave them hope.

“As far as God is concerned, no one is useless, discredited or a castaway,” Pope Francis said. “Today, Jesus also tells us, ‘Peace be with you! You are precious in my eyes. Peace be with you! You are important to me. Peace be with you! You have a mission. No one can take your place. You are irreplaceable. And I believe in you.'”

Due to restrictions from the pandemic, few people were admitted to the Mass. Among them were prisoners from different jails in Rome, patients from a nearby hospital, and other pilgrims.

These were whom the Holy Father chose to spend his day with.