Diversity of Voices to Perform at Diocese of Brooklyn’s Eucharistic Revival

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by Katie Vasquez

United in song and faith, this ensemble includes parishioners from across Brooklyn and Queens, representing the many cultures of the diocese of immigrants. They will perform for upwards of 10,000 faithful at the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Eucharistic revival on April 20th. The choir comprises volunteers who responded to an online call for singers strongly connected to their faith. 

For Briana Mason, a parishioner at St. Benedict the Moor-St. Bonaventure Parish, being part of the Mass is more than a religious obligation. It’s a deeply personal connection to her faith. 

“I don’t feel right if I’m not in the Mass as part of it,” she shares. “It always feels good to be part of it; it’s very sacred.” Her sentiment echoes the dedication and devotion of the entire choir, each member driven by their own unique connection to their faith.

The ensemble director, Joseph Murray, says Brooklyn Bishop Robert Brennan requested that the group represent the cultural diversity of a diocese where Masses are celebrated in 26 different languages.

As the ensemble director, Murray proudly states, the choir is a vibrant and diverse community, spiritually and culturally. They represent multiple countries and languages, a testament to the diocese’s commitment to inclusivity. 

“We have the ability to celebrate liturgy in ways that a lot of other dioceses in the country do not,” Murray affirms. 

“This unique ability not only reflects the choir’s diversity but also ensures that every parishioner, regardless of their language, feels respected and valued in the celebration of their faith. “

Elizabeth Simpson, the cantor of the Shrine Church of St. Gerard Majella, was motivated by the opportunity to sing in a language like Mandarin, Polish, or Creole.

“I have sung in just about every language there is, so that is not something that would stop me from wanting to participate in this,” said Simpson. “It actually makes me want to do this.”