Diocese Of Sacramento Offers Free Tuition To Over Three Dozen Private Catholic Schools

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Currents News Staff

The Diocese of Sacramento in California is offering free tuition to its more than three dozen private Catholic schools for students displaced by the camp fire.

This includes the Notre Dame Catholic School in Chico.

All education costs associated with the private school will be at no expense through the remainder of the school year. This includes tuition which usually costs between five to six-thousand dollars.

Displaced students will also receive uniforms, school materials, hot lunches and all other expenses.

“We have open seats in some of our schools here across the dices, and we know that over thirty thousand people have been displaced by this fire, including a number of children. And when we heard that the butte county schools were going to need a little bit more time to reopen and knowing that families have been scattered across the north and the Sacramento area, we just thought it would be good to open those desks to kids to get them back into school,” said Lincoln Snyder, Catholic Schools Superintendent.

The offer also applies to 9th through 12th grade students for Mercy High School in Red Bluff.

Displaced families interested in this offer should contact the Sacramento diocese.