Diocese of Brooklyn Gets Ready to Release Synod Report

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By Jessica Easthope

While the average parishioner might think the Synod process is over for the Diocese of Brooklyn, Sister Maryann LoPiccolo says now is when the real progress begins.

“This is the beginning of a long, long process of rebuilding the church and getting people back, so the listening sessions were just the beginning so it’s half over,” Sr. Maryann, the co-director of the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Synod said.

Thousands across Brooklyn and Queens participated, many of them digitally. A report on the listening sessions was due over the summer and now the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is reviewing how Catholics feel about their Church.

“This really is Pope Francis’ call for missionary discipleship, it’s a call for everyone who is person of faith to be energized, inviting and welcoming and that’s the key, can we create inviting welcoming communities of faith so people want to be a part of us,” said Father Joseph Gibino the synod’s other director.

In Brooklyn and Queens people want more faith formation for young people and families. They also want a focus on the area’s diverse populations. The Diocese of Brooklyn is the most diverse diocese in the country, masses are said in 33 languages.

“You have maybe mass in three languages, you have three communities but how do you make that one parish community and build community so that people know each other,” said Sr. Maryann.

Bishop Robert Brennan said what struck him most about the synod process is how passionate people are about their faith and church community.

“We don’t live in Catholic bubbles, what people are looking for is to make that connection, they want their faith to be able to help them and sustain them as they’re living out their everyday lives and that theme seemed to emerge out of the synod,” he said.

Over the next year, the Brooklyn diocesan report will become part of larger national and continental reports. And just like the church itself – the goal for the Synod is ever evolving.

“What he wants this to be is an ongoing process of discernment, the journeying together as Church and that happens in every age, with every age group in every culture and every corner of our world,” Sr. Maryann said.

The diocesan synod report will be released on Wednesday October 13.