DeSales Media Creates Lent 2021 Website With Reflections, Information and Social Media Features

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By Jessica Easthope

The days leading up to Easter, the most holy day of the year, are a time of preparation and reflection. Since last Easter, our faith has endured some unprecedented changes. But this Lent, the Diocese of Brooklyn is adapting to the pandemic age.

“For everyone that’s still at home and as we’re still dealing with the pandemic, we wanted to make it the best Lent yet for people in ways that we could,” said Caitlin Sakdalan, the social media community manager for DeSales Media Group, the communication and technology arm of the Diocese of Brooklyn that operates NET-TV.

DeSales created a Lent 2021 website,, as a hub for everything you need for a meaningful Lenten season: video reflections in English and Spanish for each of the three Pillars of Lent, Diocese-wide and parish information and a virtual retreat, all meant to guide Catholics through the season.

“There are different practices going on whether it’s the Archdiocese or our Diocese, church to church and so we’re really encouraging people to come to the website for information,” Caitlin said.

When we think about Lent we often see it as a time to give something up, but the website offers an explanation of fasting from a different perspective.

“Why do we fast? Because even though we have many great things, we have a God that is greater,” says Father Chris Bethge in one of the website reflection videos.

These days, one of those good things has been the devices we use to communicate when we can’t see each other. The website has Facebook filters and wallpapers to keep the day centered around faith.

“We’re all on our phones and our computers all the time now, even more so because of the pandemic. So how can we give people these daily meaningful reminders as a way to actually engage in their faith,” Caitlin asked.

Whether you’re looking for information or to get a deeper understanding, the Lent 2021 website has it and maybe even something you didn’t know you needed.