Denver School Hero Laid To Rest With Help From Knights Of Columbus

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Currents News Staff

Eighteen-year-old Kendrick Castillo was killed as he lunged toward a gunman during the shooting at his Denver area school on May 7. The shooting left eight others injured, and the Castillos without their son.

This week he was laid to rest with a celebration of life worthy of a hero. The Knights Of Columbus, which Castillo’s father is a member, contributed support to the funeral services.

The result of Castillo’s actions are still painful for his friends and family, even though his actions spared other families from grief.

The accused gunmen were both students at the school, and are now both facing charges as adults, including murder and attempted murder.

Castillo was about a foot away from one of the shooters and immediately jumped into action along with the help of two other students.

“He was a wonderful person and he was going off to college. He was doing great things, and it’s truly a shame that he had to leave us so early. It’s truly a shame that he had to make that kind of decision,” said Joshua Jones, a student who also tackled one of the shooters.

Meanwhile students are beginning to return to class to finish out the school year and make the final stretch toward graduation, a milestone Kendrick Castillo was only days away from.