Defending Religious Freedom: How Chinese Christians Can Remain Engaged in Hong Kong Protests

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Currents News Staff

In the latest update on the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, on August 27 the territory’s leader Carrie Lam said she is doing her “utmost to restore law and order” after another weekend of demonstrations turned violent once again.

Since June 2018, millions of people have taken to the city’s streets in a growing movement of opposition to the Chinese government. The protests started months ago in opposition to a proposed law that would permit the arrest and extradition of dissidents back to China. Local authorities would be able to exercise Chinese jurisdiction over individuals wanted in territories outside of Hong Kong. 

At the start of the protests Catholics were out on the front lines, but as demonstrations grew more aggressive, their participation began to lessen.

Edwin Chow, the acting president of the Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Students, joins us to discuss how Catholics and other Christians can still use their faith to take a larger role in the protests.