Following Death of George Floyd, Protesters Clash With Minneapolis Police

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Currents News Staff

Protesters in Minneapolis, Minnesota clashed with police after the death of a black man following an arrest in which a white officer held him down with a knee pressed to the back of the man’s neck.

Part of the incident was caught on video, which some viewers will find the video disturbing.

George Floyd, 46, can be heard pleading with police, saying he couldn’t breathe.

“My stomach hurts, my neck hurts…I can’t breathe, officer,” he can be heard saying.

The video did not capture the incident leading up to the arrest, or parts of the arrest police describe as the victim resisting.

Floyd continued to plead with officers for several minutes before becoming silent, later dying at the hospital a short time after the arrest.

From the governor to local leaders, to a sitting U.S. senator from the state, officials in Minnesota are condemning the actions of the four Minneapolis police officers who were fired for their involvement in Floyd’s death.

The city’s police chief announced their terminations May 26. 

“I’ve made that decision this afternoon,” Chief Medaria Arradondo said. “This is still an ongoing criminal matter that the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating as well as our FBI.”

The city’s mayor, Jacob Frey, backed up the chief.

“i support your decision. 100 percent it is the right decision for our city, the right decision for our community, is the right decision for our Minneapolis police department,” he said. 

George Floyd’s family wants the officers charged with murder

The police union urged against a rush to condemn the officers, who they said were cooperating in the investigation.