Currents News Update for Monday, 8/9/21

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The State Assembly is meeting to discuss the possibility of impeaching Gov. Andrew Cuomo, calling the findings of the attorney general’s report deeply disturbing. The report concluded that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. This comes as one of the governor’s top aides resigns and one of his accusers spoke out publicly.

Police in Italy are investigating after an envelope containing three bullets was discovered addressed to Pope Francis. Postal workers in Milan intercepted the suspicious letter from France. So far, no comment from the Vatican.

Help is on the way for undocumented workers in New York. The “Excluded Workers Fund” is for people who were previously left out of COVID relief programs because of their documentation status.

On Capitol Hill, the Senate is set to vote on President Biden’s massive 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure package. The bill, which calls for $550 billion dollars in new spending on transportation, utilities and broadband, is expected to get through the chamber with bipartisan support early this week.