Currents News full broadcast for Thursday, 5/7/20

Tags: Currents Abortion, Archbishop Naumann, Coronavirus, Jobs, Nurse Colleen Donovan, Nurses Appreciation Week, Pandemic, Suicide, vaccines

On the newscast:

– The coronavirus crisis is ripping through Queens, taking a heavy toll on the body and the mind. Suicides are rising at an alarming rate but there is help available.

– Job losses continue to mount in the pandemic. Millions more Americans are out of work.

– Getting a vaccine to stop the outbreak could force Catholics to confront a big moral issue. America’s leader on pro-life activities, Archbishop Joseph Naumann, examines the role of abortions.

– Nurse Colleen Donovan is confronting Covid-19 head-on. She’s counting on God to keep her going in the fight. It is Nurses Appreciation Week.

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