Currents News full broadcast for Saturday, 5/9/20

Tags: Currents Archdiocese of Atlanta, Bishop DiMarzio, Bishop Hartmeyer, Catholic Charities of Brooklyn & Queens Fun Day, Coronavirus, Father Jorge Ortiz-Garay, Food, Giglio, Italy, National Nurses Week, Nurses, Reopening

On the newscast:
-It has been months since parishioners have prayed in the pews. But the Bishop of Brooklyn has a plan, already in action.

-An installation from a distance as the United States gains a new Archbishop. The ceremony that would have had thousands just seated a handful.

-A sad goodbye for the Diocese of Brooklyn, but one months in the making. Father Jorge Ortiz-Garay’s body has made its way back to Mexico.

-We meet one frontline nurse that has dealt with sickness her entire life.

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