Currents News for Monday, July 15, 2019

Tags: Currents Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, BLACK OUT, Cuomo, Deportations, Giglio, ICE Raids, Notre Dame, ST HELEN

Next on Currents News: The Trump administration’s deportation raids are off to a slow start, but migrant fears loom large here in the diocese of immigrants. We’ll tell you how one Brooklyn parish is trying to help. Plus, an in-depth look into the rebuilding efforts at Notre Dame, three months after that devastating fire almost destroyed the iconic cathedral. And, a young catholic boy is on a mission hoping to convince New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to change his mind after he signed a controversial pro-abortion bill. And, it’s one of Brooklyn’s most-beloved catholic traditions– the Giglio Festival. On Sunday they raised the ceremonial spire high into the air. We’ll take you right to the dramatic moment when the Giglio is lifted

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