Cuomo Extends Social Distancing Rule

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Currents News Staff

While the total number of hospitalizations and ICU admissions is down and the number of deaths in the state  totaling 599 overnight has been effectively flat for two days  a possible flattening of the curve is good news, but Governor Andrew Cuomo believes now is not the time to be lax.  

During a press conference he showed photos of crowds gathering in different areas of the city over the weekend. 

“Look, people are dying,” he said. “If I can’t convince you to show discipline for yourself, then show discipline for other people.”

The governor says social distancing works, and because of that, schools and non-essential businesses will remain closed through April 29. The fine for violating social distancing has now doubled to $1,000. 

“This is serious, this is serious,” Cuomo urged. “What right do you have to act irresponsibly in a way that can get you sick or someone else sick?”

Hospitals are bracing for the possibility of hitting the apex of COVID-19 cases this week. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio warned the city only has enough ventilators and medical supplies for the next few days. 

Cuomo said it helps that the Javits Center is now accepting coronavirus cases, and hopefully the U.S. Navy ship Comfort will soon too, something President Donald Trump is open to.

“That was not supposed to be for the virus at all under any circumstances,” said Trump. “But it looks like more and more, we’re going to be using it for that. “

The president sounded optimistic, saying the U.S. is making progress in the war against the pandemic.

“We are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel,” he said. 

While New York City is still a hotspot, Governor Cuomo says we’ll get through it.

“We are still New York tough,” he reminded. “‘New York tough’ means ‘tough,’ but tough in a New York sense. It means we are compassionate. It means that we are unified. It means that we are loving.”