What If the COVID-19 Vaccine Is Derived From Aborted Fetal Tissue? We Ask the Doctor

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Currents News Staff

With many states reopening the question on when a vaccine to combat the coronavirus will be available needs to be answered sooner than later.

There’s been talk about a second-week crash with this virus. A person could think they’re getting better, and then they get worse. 

Many are also concerned about their pets with news of dogs and cats testing positive for the virus. 

A study has shown that in humans, the drug remdesivir improves patients’ recovery times, and there are reports the FDA plans to announce an emergency-use authorization for it.

There have also been conflicting reports on the drug hydroxychloroquine. The most recent study says it can help coronavirus patients.

But, while everyone is hoping and praying for a vaccine, the question of how it will be developed may also be a troubling one for many Catholics.

What if a vaccine is produced using tissues from abortions?

On Currents News, we’re trying to answer your questions in our weekly segment, “Ask the Doctor.” As an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association, Dr. Robert Tiballi joins us to offer his insight on treatments and potential vaccines.