COVID-19 Doesn’t Stop Dioceses’ Faithful From Proclaiming ‘He is Risen’

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By Emily Drooby

Despite being quarantined during Easter weekend, the faithful in the Diocese of Brooklyn found unique ways to celebrate.

Thousands participated in Mass from their homes – through livestreams. St Athanasius in Bensonhurst alone had over 25,000 people watching.

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio released a special Easter video message- explaining there’s resurrection experiences all around us – including in the good work of the first responders fighting against COVID-19

“This virtual Easter that we have this year is not what we would like, but this is what we have. Let’s make the best of it, let’s make this the best Easter we have ever had,” said Brooklyn’s Bishop.

He continued, “all of whom are putting their lives on the line to help those who are in danger of death.”

Some priests are taking that message to heart and giving back to those heroic workers. Monsignor David Cassato and Father Vincentius Do greeted and blessed health care workers during a shift change at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn.

While Father Josephjude Gannon was present for the 103rd precinct’s role call on Easter morning – sending them off with a special message and prayer.

“You’re living your vocation, you’re serving and protecting. And so we need to pray that guardian angel protect you, that St. Michael protect them,” said Gannon.

Parishioners didn’t let social distancing stop them from celebrating every day of Easter weekend.

On Good Friday, St. Sebastian’s choir joined in virtually singing ‘Via Dolorosa’ – named for the path Jesus walked through Jerusalem to his crucifixion.

Choir member Lynette Antonio said, “Really, all of us, normally have to put in so much time to practice and attend all of these services, you doing it yourself was very different, but still being able to participate in some way, that was special.”

On Saturday, St. Mel’s Catholic Academy had an Easter parade.

And on Easter Sunday, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy had a safe Easter egg hunt – where students put paper eggs on their homes and walked around the neighborhood to spot other homes who did the same.

Also, on Easter Sunday Brianne Ratka, her mom and sister of St. Finbar’s, drove around to greet fellow parishioners.

“I have been with these people every single Easter, my entire life. Even if we are not able to spend time together, even just the face-to-face, being somewhat in each other’s presence, is good,” said Ratka.