Do I Have Immunity to COVID-19 If I Test Positive for the Antibodies? We Ask the Doctor

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Currents News Staff

It appears our pets aren’t immune to the coronavirus, as a few have tested positive for it.

In this week’s “Ask the Doctor” segment, Currents News gains some insight on protecting our furry little friends during the pandemic. 

We’ve also spoken about hydroxychloroquine, as a new study says it didn’t help COVID-19 patients in New York City. Given the possible dangerous side effects of the drug – including heart arrhythmia – should hydroxychloroquine be used to treat the virus?

Researchers in Arizona discovered a new mutation of the coronavirus, which suggests it might be weakening.

Meanwhile, many people have been getting the antibody test. President Trump said May 8 that he will also receive the antibody, but the CDC says even if you have the antibodies, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re immune to the virus. 

To help Currents News answer some of these questions and debates is Dr. Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association.

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