Couponing Gains Popularity With Consumers Amid High Inflation

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Currents News Staff

Meet Darrina Carter: mother of four, law enforcement spouse, regular person. That is – until she spots a deal.

“Got my coupon right here. So I’m gonna get two of these,” said Darrina. “So for the two toothpastes I paid $4.58, right here. And then when I paid for it, I end up getting $4.00 of points back. So with the $4 of points, I decided to get Friday night dinner for the kids. These were buy one get one free. ”

Things have changed. How to create an extreme couponer in 2022? Take one mom and add inflation.

“I can tell by having the same budget that I had before all of this, I would get less,” Darrina said. “It seems like the bags were getting smaller and smaller every time. Milk has gone up tremendously. Just because I’m the sole person who does all the grocery shopping, I can tell.”

The economy is changing the way some people think about money.

“I wouldn’t stop,” Darrina said. “Just seeing, this is proof that you don’t know what’s going to happen, you don’t know what’s coming up.”