Couple Graduates With Masters In Theology As Husband Prepares For Life As A Deacon

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By Emily Drooby

One couple within the Diocese of Brooklyn is living out a little known truth: the married couple that studies together, stays together.

Juliette and Hugo Morel both recently graduated with their Masters in Theology from St. Joseph’s Seminary, having tackled the difficult course load the way they do everything: as a team.

In May, Hugo will be ordained as a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Brooklyn, meaning that he will become a clergy member who is allowed to be married, and can perform sacraments like weddings and baptisms. As a deacon he can also proclaim the Gospel and preach at Mass, among other ministries.

The road to his ordination and their masters degrees has not been smooth. The couple has faced plenty of struggles, like his commute and a language barrier.  

“I rely on her a lot, without her I wouldn’t be able to do it. Thank God for her,” said Hugo of his wife.

“It was hard. The beginning we thought it was going to be in Spanish, and I said ‘okay, in Spanish, I can handle. It’s going to be hard, but I can handle.’ But then when we found out it was in English, it was like, ‘I don’t know, maybe,’” Juliette said.

The couple had some important help to get through it all, praying often throughout the process.

“God helped me, sent me angels around me and helped me to accomplish that,” said Juliette.

For years, the Morels kept their faith on a back burner. The family rediscovered it after being hit hard by the 2008 recession. Now faith is the cornerstone of their lives.

“Without my faith, I could not do nothing. Because when I have a problem, I know I can overcome that because God is with me. It’s our lives, it’s what we are going to pass to our kids, we don’t want money, but we want them to love God,” said Juliette.

The Morels are proof that with a partner by your side, and faith, you can accomplish anything.