Corps Will Drum Up Crowd’s Devotion at the Diocesan Eucharistic Revival

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By Jessica Easthope

Quiet mornings are rare in Flushing, Queens, but even more so now as the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Eucharistic Revival is just days away. The St. Michael’s Church Drum Corps is practicing tirelessly.

“We’re nervous but we’re excited also, we just do the best,” said corps leader Christy Lin. “We can do our best.”

Their steps are delicate, but their beat is powerful. Lin leads the all-woman team, and behind her march the faces of Flushing, young and old.

“We think God liked that so we want to try to do better,” Lin said.

These women drum with a confidence that can’t be taught. It comes from Christ, because deep down they’re nervous to showcase their chops at a stadium performance in front of up to 10,000 people.

They only started playing two years ago.

But experience is outpaced by raw talent and deep faith. While Christy sets the tempo upfront, Susan Pan is in the back, a spot reserved for the strongest drummers.

“Just like the Bible says, the elephants, the younger ones are in the middle and the older ones around them for protection, and I’m in the back to protect the team,” Pan said.

The drum corps makes noise for God. St. Michael’s pastor, Father Vincentius Do, is excited to hear it ring through the streets as they process to the Eucharistic Revival on Apr. 20.

“We will wake the whole neighborhood up and we will walk there joyfully to give glory to God and to know our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament so I’m very excited about it,” Father Do said.

The women are shattering stereotypes with every hit of their drumsticks and their pounding is prayer.

“I want us to work together, but for all the women on this team, I’m so happy to be their leader and that we can do something,” Lin said. “It’s because of God that we’re together.”

“It’s very empowering to see these faithful women, they did it because of their faith,” Father Do said. “For them it’s not just performing, it’s praying and giving glory to God.”

Their culture keeps them steady and faith guides their hands.

But it’s the Eucharist that drives them forward.

“The bread, our culture and the Bible tells us, that’s the hope and the prayer, it is Christ,” Pan said.

The revival will be on Apr. 20. There’s still time to reserve your seat — just sign up at your local parish.

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