Convert Cuomo: Student’s Website Asks for Prayers to End New York Abortion Bill

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By Emily Drooby

Jack Thimons is your average 9-year-old boy.

He draws, he prays, and he spends time with his family. But life for Jack didn’t start out so carefree.

“He ended up turning totally blue on day two of life, and they air rushed him to Westchester Medical Center,” explained Jack’s mom, AnneMarie Thimons.

Doctors told her his neck muscles had been strained during a difficult delivery, leaving him unable to take in food.  In that terrifying moment, the family turned to God.

“Friends and family and so many people were praying for him and he’s fine, he made it through. He’s a super awesome kid but he’s grown up knowing that story and his siblings know that story. that prayer works, and prayer is powerful,” AnneMarie said.

Jack grew up knowing he could always turn to prayer, and that’s exactly what he did during another upsetting moment in his life: when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health act, an extreme abortion law permitting the killing of babies even until the moment of birth.

Jack immediately began brainstorming how he could change Cuomo’s mind and save babies like him.

“I really was upset about abortion, and I didn’t want it to keep going on so I wanted to do something about it,” he said.

He had an idea of placing boxes in churches where people could put in handwritten prayers to convert Cuomo.

Excited, Jack wrote a letter to Franciscian friars asking for help with this project, but they had a different idea: How about an online site where people can sign up?

Right his home computer, Jack and his father build the website Convert Cuomo, a place where people from all over the world can pray for the governor’s conversion.

 The website took off and since, thousands of prayers have rolled in.

“I’m really excited, because I think that governor Cuomo will get converted really soon,” Jack hopes.

The website has inspired many, including Jack’s pastor Father Patrick Buckley.

“I think this young man, God had plans for him to go places. He’s filled with the spirit and so is his family. and they’re a wonderful example of a Catholic family,” Father Buckley said.

But Jack’s journey as a champion for the pro-life movement is just beginning.

His next step is helping plan a Light Up New York State day where pro-life rallies and white lights will allow people to express their support for the movement.

It’s being planned for October 22, nine months after the RHA signing. More information can be found on Convert Cuomo.

Jack’s success is proof that  prayer does work, is powerful and maybe, just maybe it could convert Governor Cuomo.