Concerts Spread Important Messages During Advent

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By Emily Drooby

It’s an Advent tradition. Christmas concerts help to celebrate this important season through the power of music.

Rebecca Pitcher the cantor at St. Ann Catholic Church said, “Everybody says to me, singing is praying twice.”

A tradition carried out at St. Ann Church in Hoboken with their 2018 Wintertide concert.

Jeremy Beck, the church’s music director said, “I think when people do experience it in a different way as opposed to just hearing it nonchalantly on the radio, it touches people a lot deeper.”

Hundreds attended the sold-out concert which raised at least $7,000 for local non-profit, Family Promise of Hudson County, which helps to house homeless families.

On a deeper level, concerts like this one, are very important. As Father Remo DiSalvatore, the Pastor at St. Ann Church, explained, they help to spread the important advent message of hope.

Father DiSalvatore, “We’re always trying to share that message with people. And so, music is a great way that maybe some people who don’t really come to church all the time would be interested in coming in, hearing the message in a different way.”

While music in general also helps to fill the pews.

Pitcher said, “The church has grown in the last 6 years that I have been here and I do think it has something to do with the music.”

Also brining parishioners closer to God. Father DiSalvatore said, “It’s all connected and it’s all part of us giving our praise and worship to God.”