Civil Unrest and Protests Unfold as Presidential Election Ballot Counting Continues

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Currents News Staff

Counting, court fights, and chaos seem to be the words of the day since election night failed to deliver a decisive winner. The leads are narrowing for the president and Joe Biden in some remaining key battlegrounds. But, Pennsylvania still could be the deciding factor.

The count continues, the protests rage on and the legal battles begin as this presidential election is still too close to call. The focus is on a handful of battleground states, which are still counting hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots that could decide this election. 

The Trump campaign is taking legal action in Michigan, Georgia and Nevada, saying they’ll request a recount in Wisconsin. On Nov. 5, a court victory in Pennsylvania gave the campaign more access to observe ballot counting.

“This is very important because as you know, they have kept us away 30 to 50 to 100 feet, with a barricade,” says former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, “They had a guy in there wearing a badge who was not a sworn law enforcement officer keeping people away.”

The Trump campaign had claimed the state was cheating.

“Our observers are going to be six feet behind every person who is counting these votes in accordance with the COVID protocols,” says Corey Lewandowski, Trump campaign senior advisor. “This is a win for every person who cast a legal ballot in the state of Pennsylvania.”

Pennsylvania’s democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro called the motion more political than legal.

“There are observers observing this counting, and the counting will continue,” says Josh.

While most protests around the country, like the one in Philadelphia, have been peaceful, some, including in New York City, have escalated. Pictures posted on the NYPD’s Twitter page show garbage set on fire in the streets of the West Village; powerful explosive M-80’s were found in the area of Fifth Avenue and Eighth Street, and police have confiscated other weapons at protests.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is asking his supporters to be patient, saying his campaign sees a clear path to 270 electoral votes.

“We the people will not be silenced,” he said. “We the people will not be bullied. We the people will not surrender.”