City’s Largest Pro-Life Event To Be Held In Times Square

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By Emily Drooby

This weekend, thousands of people are expected to be in Times Square for the historic pro-life event, ‘Alive from New York.’

It’s bringing a voice for the voiceless in the abortion capital of America, a state which sees 239 children killed by the deadly procedure every day.

But the organizers are facing strong opposition. Their leader, Jim Daly, says several companies refused to lease them billboards on which they planned to show an ultrasound of a baby in the womb.

Undeterred, rally participants are bringing their own digital billboards to the crossroads of the world.

They’re also going to be speaking out loudly.

“This is the biggest pro-life weekend in New York City history, and we wanted to be a part of it by bringing in top-name pro-life speakers to Queens,” said Chris Slattery, Founder and Director of the organization Expectant Mother Care.

Chris Slattery is talking about the Summit for Life, a two day event previously held in Queens, and a prelude to the Times Square demonstration.

One of the most powerful speakers that the Queens group heard was Claire Culwell.

Culwell is adopted. The first time she met her birth mother, she brought along some greeting cards.

“She opened the cards and she read the words, ‘thank you for choosing life for me,’ and I watched as her happy tears turned quickly, instantly, into really sad tears,” she recalled of their initial meeting.

At the time Culwell didn’t know that her mother had not chosen life.

“My birth mother had a D&E dismemberment late-term abortion at 20 weeks, and they told her that day her life would go back to normal but it never did,” she shared in a statement.

“In fact a few weeks later she went back to that doctor and they told her that the abortion had been successful, but that it had only been successful on one baby because she had actually been pregnant with twins,” she continued.

The doctors missed Claire’s little body because they didn’t perform an ultrasound examination.

Culwell says it’s important to share her story because the sanctity of life is so important.

Other speakers will do the same in Times Square on Saturday, all of them speaking out for the unborn who don’t yet have the ability to speak for themselves.