‘Church of Bones’ to Limit Photography at Popular Czech Tourist Site

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Currents News Staff

The Sedlec Ossuary Chapel located beneath the Church of All Saints in the Czech Republic is a major tourist attraction due to its unusual decor.

The chapel’s interior features the bones of nearly 60,000 skeletons discovered on the site.

The unique surroundings make the church an “Instagram-worthy” photo moment for the half-a-million people who pass through the otherwise sleepy town, but church officials are dealing with an unusual issue: inappropriate selfies.

Despite signage that reminds visitors that the skeletons are still dead bodies and to be polite, tourists have removed bones from the walls, attempted to touch or kiss skeletons, dress them up in hats or sunglasses, or committed other disrespectful acts.

This has led the church to limit photography inside.

It’s not an outright ban, but starting in 2020, visitors who wish to take snapshots will need to get permission from the parish three days ahead of time.