Child Survives Near Drowning, Says He ‘Saw God’

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Currents News Staff

A regular day at their grandparent’s pool turned tragic for the Kerr family. 

Jenna’s son Graham, at just eight years old, spotted his three-year-old brother JD at the bottom of the pool. He pulled him up and called for help.

“We turned around and he was bringing us JD in his arms,” Jenna said. “JD was blue, his lips were blue, his hands were blue.”

JD’s dad Craig is a CPR certified firefighter, and never thought he’d have to perform a life-saving measure on his own child. But with his help, he brought JD back.

“You kind of, try to prepare yourself for everybody else’s emergency, never really your own until it happens,” Craig said.

JD was rushed to a children’s hospital where he was incubated. It wasn’t long after doctors took out the tube that JD told his parents what happened.

“He said he talked to a big man through a window with a bright light,” said mother Jenna Kerr. “I mean, our son saw God that day.”

Craig said, “He began to tell me, he said, ‘I sneak.’ I said ‘What?’ He said, ‘I sneaked into the pool yesterday.’ It just broke my heart at that point, because I didn’t think we’d ever know what really happened.”

Jenna and Craig were the only adults in the pool at the time. They want other families to take something away from their story.

“If it not had been for the floaties, then there’s no doubt in my mind we would’ve been able to see him try to sneak into the pool,” Craig said. “I think there needs to be an adult that is not swimming, is not occupied with anything else and is just kinda watching the yard, watching your pool.”

JD will randomly tell his mom and dad more things about that day.

“He’s told us some other things – like what he saw while he was asleep,” Jenna explained. “He said that the big bear told him to come back home to his mom and dad and go fast. That’s coming from our three year old.”

JD’s lungs are healing well. His family says he can get back to doing everything he usually does, except go to high altitudes like to the mountains, or on an airplane.