Chaos on the NYC Subway: 29 People Injured in a Brooklyn Attack

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Currents News Staff

Chaos erupted on a New York subway train Tuesday morning. People covered their faces as panic and smoke began to fill the car.

“As soon as the smoke, like, flared up, it started to engulf everything,” said Yav Montano, who was onboard the train during the shooting.

The shooter donned a gas mask and deployed a smoke canister on a Brooklyn subway, wounding multiple people with gunfire.

“There was blood on the floor,” said Yav. “There was a lot of blood trailing on the floor. And at the time in the moment, I did not think it was a shooting because it sounded like fireworks. All I saw was people trampling each other, trampling over each other, trying to get into the door which was locked and just a lot of panic, but thankfully, the train moved quickly to the next stop and everyone filed off the train in a rush.”

Right now, investigators say there is no known motive for the shooting a this time.

“There are currently no known explosive devices on our subway trains,” said Keechant Sewell, New York City Police Commissioner, “and this is not being investigated as an act of terrorism at this time. We can also report that although this was a violent incident, reportedly, we have no one with life-threatening injuries as a result of this case.”