Ceremony For New Swiss Guard Recruits Will Happen Over The Weekend

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The Swiss Guard is getting almost two dozen new members on Saturday.

The ceremony will kickoff with the brand new 23 new recruits of the Swiss Guard swearing allegiance to Pope Francis and his successors in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican. 

They will officially become members of the world’s smallest army.

“Living service in a communal sense is also a challenge because it involves loving individuals with different personalities, temperaments and sensibilities, but find themselves walking a stretch of road together,” Pope Francis said.

The Swiss Guards’ daily tasks consist of protecting the Pope, securing access to the Vatican and the Apostolic Palace, as well as maintaining order during papal ceremonies. 

These are duties they already perform before the swearing in ceremony.

It’s a long check list in order to join the swiss guard.

For Starters, a candidate has to be a single Swiss male, between 19-31 years old.

They must also be at least 5’ 7 inches tall, in good health and a practicing catholic.

Candidates should be able to complete basic training. 

The new recruits are joining an army that goes back centuries.

The Swiss Guards were founded by Pope Julius II in 1506. The swearing in ceremony remembers the 147 Swiss Guards who died defending Pope Clement VII against an invading French army. 

For the ceremony, the Guards will wear the Grand Gala, a uniform normally reserved for the “Urbi et Orbi” blessing, Christmas and Easter.