Catholics Want to Know: Were Potential COVID Vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer Ethically Made?

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Currents News Staff

Now that we have two potential COVID vaccines the question on many Catholics’ minds is: How were they made, and more specifically, were they made ethically?

John Brehany, an ethicist with the National Catholic Bioethics Center, joins Currents News via interview to discuss the moral dilemma that Catholics could face if the vaccines use cells from aborted fetuses.

In July, a local Georgia news anchor became the Moderna vaccine’s first trial patient. Now that trial is coming out to be about 95% effective, similarly to the Pfizer trial.

In this Currents News report Dr. Robert Tiballi, an infectious disease expert with the Catholic Medical Association, says that for Catholics the Moderna vaccine presents a slight ethical issue when it comes to the dignity of human life.