Catholic Students to Perform at Radio City Christmas Spectacular

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By Emily Drooby

The joyous sound of young voices are ringing out in a church auditorium, but soon the youth ministry choir of Saint Sebastian Church in Woodside, Queens, will be on a much bigger stage: Radio City Music Hall.

It’s a dream for many, especially choir member Ashley Ambrosi.  Just four years after moving to the U.S. from Ecuador, she will be on that stage.

“When I just came to this country that’s the first place where I went, because it was very popular to watch the Rockettes,” she said. “Going now to perform there is like, really cool.”

She and other members of her youth ministry will sing for thousands of people.

The opportunity  all started with a message to their choir director, Laura McMamus.

“I really have felt like this has all been divinely inspired,” she explained, “just came up out of the blue. I got emailed on LinkedIn to have the kids participate in it. We have been working since August on Christmas music, so these kids are totally ready for Christmas.”

The group was eventually chosen to perform a medley of Christmas music before the curtain rises on the “Christmas Spectacular” show on Friday, Dec. 20.

Opening for the Rockettes is a huge honor, but for the students so is having the chance to evangelize through music.

The show is bringing students to the legendary stage, but also closer to God.

“It’s one of the ways of me talking to Him, other than praying and going to church,” said choir member Mark Joseph. “I feel like every time I sing, He watches me and He appreciates it.”

“I’ve always liked to do that, spreading my faith and showing other people what my religion is all about,” said Ashley. “It’s like, really important to me.”