Catholic Students ‘March’ Forward to Support Veterans

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Currents News Staff

Four Catholic school studentsKellen Witty, Quinn Schoenenberger, Karsen Sherrick and Devon Johnson  — aren’t just talking the talk. They’ve walked the walk, all 140 miles of it. 

All four are members of St. Norbert Catholic College’s ROTC program. 

With rucksacks on their back, they spent six days trekking from Green Bay to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as part of the fourth annual ‘For Them 140-Mile Ruck March.’ By walking, they raised money and awareness for the fourth H.O.O.A.H Wisconsin, an organization that supports deployed and returning military members and their families. 

For these students it was a difficult undertaking, but one they said was a worthy challenge once they saw the positive publicity that came from it. 

“We got a ton. People say like, ‘Hey, we saw you on the news. We heard you on the radio.’ And that really is the point of what we’re doing here is to raise awareness and get the cause out,” said Karsen.

“140 miles is like almost like an attention grabber. When they ask about it, that’s when we come in and say, ‘You know, we’re actually walking to raise awareness and money for people who are suffering from combat,’” he explained.

“I would say it just pays tribute to everyone that is going through the issues after deployments after serving in the military,” said Devon.

“Doing this raises awareness and lets them know that there is a community out there and there are people that care,” added Kellen.