Catholic Students Celebrate Black History in Science, Music and Literature

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Currents News Staff

The contributions of African Americans to science, literature, music and culture are endless. All month we’ve been celebrating black history and how it has shaped our world today. 

To bring Black History Month to a close, students at Our Lady’s Catholic Academy in South Ozone Park, Queens took on the challenge of celebrating as many accomplishments of African Americans as possible. 

At a school assembly, the kids portrayed historic figures of the past and present.Teacher Kelly Legg, who put everything together, said highlighting Black history is something she does all year long while promoting  the school’s Catholic mission.

“One of the sixth grade classes is performing ‘Joyful, Joyful’ from Sister Act, which is super cool, but it’s also roping in the catholic identity we have,” she explained. 

“I feel like now people are not afraid to show who they are, and that they’re equal,” said Breanna Kahn, a sixth grader. 

This is the first year the school has celebrated Black History Month in such a big way. It plans to hold an assembly during the last week of February every year from now on.