Catholic Schools Week 2020: Incarnation Catholic Academy Features Step Dance Team

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By Tim Harfmann

Students known as “the steppers” are stomping and clapping at Incarnation Catholic Academy in Queens Village.

School officials say Incarnation is the only Catholic academy in the Brooklyn Diocese with a step team.

The group ranges from seventh graders to kindergartner Sydney Campbell.

“It looked fun, and I really wanted to try the dance moves,” said Campbell.

It’s not only about fun.

Seventh grader Andrew Wright learns dance moves and values for the future.

“We are disciplined in the step group and it would help me in life to control myself,” said Wright about getting good grades.

Susan Richards, the group’s instructor, sees significant change in students after they join “the steppers.”

“They focus more, they study more, and they’re very interested in this art form,” said Richards.

The art form was part of the academy’s Catholic Schools Week celebration on Jan. 29.

Students also sang songs and read prayers for a special guest, Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop Paul Sanchez.

“All of those talents are God-given,” said Bishop Sanchez. “If they also bring their faith in God to whatever profession they work in; they become instruments of God’s grace, witnesses to His power and Will in today’s world.”

These students are stepping in the right direction of faith and life.