Catholic News Headlines for Wednesday 5/8/2024

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Like many men, Deacon Tobechukwu Offiah, or Deacon Toby for short, was torn on the verge of a life-changing decision. For him, it was between the priesthood and the American dream. But through his discernment, he found that all the promises of the land of milk and honey were just a distraction, and he actually relied on a sweeter memory to get him through his formation.

Who doesn’t think their mom is a saint? The Tablet introduces you to some moms who are saints, like Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Gianna Molla. Find out more about these incredible women.

On a significant Tuesday evening, the Diocese of Brooklyn orchestrated a powerful mass of healing, a beacon of hope for those grappling with cancer. The revered Brooklyn Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Raymond Chappetto led the mass and anointing of the sick at the esteemed St. Joseph Church in Astoria. This sacred liturgy was a tribute to St. Peregrine, the patron saint of cancer patients, and a personal patron saint of the resilient cancer survivor, Bishop Chappetto.

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage is kicking off soon, and we’re finding out how you can join the journey right here in New York City!