Catholic News Headlines for Thursday 5/30/2024

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The Diocese of Brooklyn will have four new priests. Each of the transitional deacons has followed a unique path to the priesthood. Ordination day is June 1. The ceremony will be held at 11 am at the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Pope Francis, in a significant move, engaged in a discussion on vocations during his recent visit outside the Vatican walls. His visit included a center run by the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, where he inquired about the number of novices. He also spent valuable time with younger priests of the Diocese of Rome.
U.S. bishops have released a synod report on the United States. The 20-page report identifies both sources of tensions and desires expressed by American Catholics.
A campaign to encourage people to pray the rosary during May has been a success. The Hozana Association, a Christian social network, launched a worldwide “One Million Roses for Mary” initiative at the beginning of the month.