Catholic High School Ditches Traditional Lunches With Fresh-Made Foods

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By Emily Drooby

Homemade bread, creamy chicken and paninis are made fresh every day at  Holy Cross High School.

The school is changing the game when it comes to cafeteria food, ditching the mystery meat for items like steak, spinach pie and baked ziti.

“It’s really good, it’s like my grandmother made if for me at home,” said Matthew Gelpi a student at the school.

Food is made fresh daily at the school – it’s an extra effort that students can taste thanks to Corato Food Service Group.

The company was brought in two years ago by the school to provide healthy, fun and unique meal choices.

“From Greek to Italian to Asian, we really just try to see what they want but we try to keep it as balanced as possible,” explained Marco Cerbone of Corato Food Service Group.

“Every single day there’s a different type of theme or food. Sometimes we can have sushi, other days we can have straight Italian foods,” explained student Cindy Leung.

Corato Food Service Group also listens to students while creating the menus, offering different options. Even so, one thing remains consistent: the quality.

“The food is great. Like the fries, everything. Everything is really good,” said Chris Harris, a student.

Principal Edward Burns said the food is a far cry from the school lunches most people grew up with.

“Reactions are always positive which is wonderful because I think they all think back to their school experiences and maybe what their options were, and what they had for lunch choices,” he said. “And then they come back and see what we have for choices. It’s just opened a world of different opportunities.”

An extra perk at Holy Cross Catholic High School is making sure kids are happy, healthy and ready to learn.