Catholic Headlines for Wednesday, 5/20/20 (Currents News full broadcast)

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Currents News reports secular and religious news from the Catholic perspective.

Some of the top stories on this newscast:

With money being tight for some families, a Catholic education can be costly. One school is going the extra mile to make sure kids can still attend while their parents are out of work.

The March of Dimes is fighting for babies and moms so they can have the right care in the midst of this crushing pandemic.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is clearing the way for people to worship God together again. Churches will be open, but where?

A dramatic test-run shows how quickly the coronavirus can be spread while breaking bread. It may be awhile until you sit down at a restaurant, but you’ll want to watch the test results.

New Jersey Bishop David O’Connell is leading the charge against Congress’ move to cut aid to Catholic schools, and he’s speaking out about it.