Catholic Headlines for Tuesday, 5/19/20 (Currents News full broadcast)

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Currents News reports secular and religious news from the Catholic perspective.

Some of the top stories on this newscast:

A Catholic educator is taking action and taking to the supermarkets during the pandemic, delivering groceries in one of New York’s hardest hit neighborhoods.

Millions of Americans are worried about keeping their homes. Tempers were flaring at a virtual hearing on saving the economy.

Should President Trump be taking hydroxychloroquine? He thinks so. We ask the doctor if it’s a good idea.

One man was given another chance at life. His strong Catholic faith helped him though COVID-19, and now he’s on a mission to repay God’s good graces.

Maryknoll Missionaries have survived some of the most dangerous places in the world, only for some to fall to the virus back in New York.