Catholic Headlines for Thursday, 5/28/20 (Currents News full broadcast)

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Currents News reports secular and religious news from the Catholic perspective.

Some of the top stories on this newscast:

The anger over George Floyd’s death turned to violence in Minneapolis. In New York City, an NYPD detective is taking aim at the cop who made the arrest, saying he violated his oath to serve and protect.

A Knight in shining armor, Father Michael McGivney, is on the way to sainthood and that’s being well received by the Knights of Columbus in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Shining in bright lights over the “Crossroads of the World,” a Times Square salute to the emergency task force that’s helped so many in the Diocese of Brooklyn during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Advice from a St. John’s University expert to young people looking to build a career at a time of record unemployment.