Catholic Headlines for Thursday, 5/21/20 (Currents News full broadcast)

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Some of the top stories on this newscast:
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is announcing a big step to reopen churches in the Archdiocese of New York. And there with him, the Bishop of Brooklyn Nicholas DiMarzio is making an announcement of his own.

White flags are outside of St. Michael’s Church in Flushing, Queens, representing parishioners lost to COVID-19. Pastors in the Brooklyn Diocese are taking special steps to deal with the profound sense of loss.

The Vatican is talking directly to Israel about respecting international law and living peacefully with Palestine in the troubled Middle East.

The United States is bleeding more jobs because of the pandemic. A well-known expert has ideas about fixing the American economy.

In these hard times, working parents are facing challenges they never expected. But, there is advice for them on how to cope.