Catholic Headlines for Saturday, 5/23/20 (Currents News full broadcast)

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Currents News reports secular and religious news from the Catholic perspective.

Some of the top stories on this newscast:

Just in time for summer. All fifty states have begun to reopen to some degree. But, New York City remains on lockdown this holiday.

Churches in the Brooklyn Diocese, however, are slowly opening their doors. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio and Cardinal Timothy Dolan are coordinating a parish by parish plan.

A principal turned provider is going on grocery runs to keep her hard-hit students fed.

Life continues to exist online, and it won’t be moving off anytime soon. We take a look at the digital divide in New York City, where thousands go without the internet that’s meant to be at your fingertips.

And the story of a professional baseball player turned missionary. He’s got a second chance at life and he’s devoting it to God.

Plus, tis’ the season for car parades. Here’s what high school seniors are doing to celebrate their milestone year.