Catholic Charities Trot Out The Turkeys For Thanksgiving

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By Tim Harfmann

People like Kenneth Dillard can now cook a Thanksgiving meal with help from catholic charities.

“I think it’s great! I mean, I… used to not need it. But at some point, in my life, I learned humility,” he said.

A line wrapping around the pews of Saint Jerome Church in East Flatbush as those in need wait to get food like they were at the supermarket.

Monsignor Alfread Lopinto is the CEO of Catholic Charities.

“It gives us the opportunity to share with them because we’re thankful for all the gifts we get at Catholic Charities, and those gifts are given to us to give to others,” he said.

Catholic Charities held a similar event in Queens Thursday.

All of these items are donated.

Al Catanese and his wife, Maria, donated seven-hundred turkeys. It’s a tradition the couple started two years ago

They’re parishioners at Saint Francis De Sales Church in Belle Harbor, Queens and want to help fellow Catholics.

“It’s nice to come here and see the end result other than just writing a check. You don’t know how much of your money goes anywhere. But when you hand the person a turkey and they put it in their basket, you know it’s going home to their table. It puts a smile on their face, and it puts a smile on our face,” he said.

Lakeisha Jordan has her hands full with donated food – and children. With her nine-month-old strapped to her chest, the Brownsville resident tells us she has two other children and takes care of her younger sister. She’s grateful for the help.

“I’m able to get, and they’re able to eat and everything. And they can have a wonderful Thanksgiving,” she said.

This is one of one-hundred-sixty programs Catholic Charities runs throughout the year to help nearly one-hundred-thousand residents. That includes donating one-million meals through food pantries.