Catholic Charities Named Brooklyn’s ‘Heroes of the Month’

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By Tim Harfmann

Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens was called heroes by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. “The wonderful thing about it is it reaffirms the work we do every day, which is to meet the needs of people where they’re at,” said Richard Slizeski. He’s part of the Catholic Charities group. This time, the agency came to the aid of federal workers locked out of their jobs — and paychecks — for more than a month by the government shutdown. That earned Catholic Charities Brooklyn’s recognition as Heroes of the Month. “They went and sought someone that was not on their radar and said, ‘Hey, we’re here for you to get you over this turbulent period,” said Adams.

Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens operated two special food pantries, one in each borough. Nearly 600 workers shopped supermarket-style for everything from food to toiletries. “Watching mother and child go from station to station, looking for their daily essentials, was truly touching. Just seeing the families really put a face to the problem,” said Joanna Shkreli. She is a member of the Catholic Charities group. Catholic Charities also handed out vouchers to people for gasoline and to shop at local supermarkets. They also distributed Target gift cards.

Shkrelli said today’s honor made a big impression; “It was a really emotional day filled with hope.” Although Adams honored Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens for coming to the aid of furloughed workers, he also said the agency makes a difference every day in the lives of thousands. “That’s so important. It’s often ignored. We did not want to ignore it, and we wanted the rest of Brooklyn and the city to know about it,” said Adams.

“It’s gratifying and it reminds me that we have to look around and see who the most vulnerable in our community is, and we’re here to help them,” said Jennifer Smith. She is also part of the Catholic Charities group.

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