Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens Opens Cooling Centers During NYC Heatwave

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By Emily Drooby

There’s a heat wave happening in New York City. However, in Williamsburg, local residents have solace from the heat. How? A Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens cooling center.

“Most of the people who do come here appreciate it so much,” explained Teddy Flaherty. He was visiting the center when Currents News stopped by.

“Just to sit, talk to friends, cool off a little while because the air conditioners are here, especially when the temperature goes over 90 or close to 90,” he said. “This is what we need.”

Teddy is just one of many locals who are taking advantage of the cool air. The center offers extended hours, cold air, cold drinks and sometimes even sweets.

These “cool centers” open up during times like this, when New York City is hit with a heat wave. It’s a way to keep people cool without breaking the bank.

“Some of the people want to do some savings of electricity,” said Marta Kustek, the program manager for Catholic Charities Northside Senior Center. “So many of the people, our members, don’t have strong enough AC at home.”

This center is located in Williamsburg, just off North 6th Street and Driggs Ave. If you’re not nearby but looking for a place to cool off, Catholic Charities has 16 other cooling centers across Brooklyn and Queens.

To find a cooling center near you, go to: