Catholic Business Owner Gives Back to Brooklyn Diocese By Sanitizing Churches Amid Reopening

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By Jessica Easthope

A machine that rapidly sprays chemicals is what will keep parishioners safe as they return to church. Mike Nihill, the owner and operator of Germinator Mobile Sanitizing, guarantees it.

“We are out here performing our two-step process, which gives a 90-day guarantee on the church’s surfaces. We’ll be spraying our hypochlorous and our shield on the surfaces of the church to protect the parishioners and the community from any pathogens and COVID,” said Mike.

Germinator Mobile Sanitizing has been disinfecting churches in the Brooklyn Diocese. On July 15 the company took on the task at Our Lady of Angels in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

“It’s very important for the community to know that our product will keep people safe and allow them to congregate safely in the church and give people the peace of mind that the area is safe,” Mike said.

Father Kevin Abels, the new Pastor of Our Lady of Angels, says his parishioners are doing everything they can to stop the spread of COVID-19. Now, he can say he’s doing the same.

“People are coming to celebrate Mass, they’re observing social distancing, they have their masks on and we want to assure them we’re taking every precaution so that people can come and worship God,” Fr. Kevin said.

The chemical being sprayed out of the machines is 1,000 times stronger than Purell. It’s completely organic, safe and smells pretty good.

“We believe this is a process that will help open up churches and secure the community during this troubling time of a pandemic,” said Mike.

Mike and Fr. Kevin are both graduates of Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary in Elmhurst, Queens. Mike says doing this for churches at an affordable rate is his way of giving back to the diocese that’s already given him so much.

“My heart is in the Brooklyn Diocese, and I feel like this is one opportunity to give back to the Brooklyn Diocese. My company is helping keep people safe and get people back into churches,” he told Currents News

So far, Germinator has cleaned nearly 30 churches. In addition to the exclusive rate parishes are getting, pastors who refer Germinator to each other receive an additional 15 percent off sanitizing services.