Catholic Academy Hosts Carnival Fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House

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By Emily Drooby

The ribbon has been cut, the rides have been blessed, and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy’s 2019 carnival has kicked off.

But the second annual event isn’t just fun-filled, it’s also a way to give back.

The carnival doubles as a fundraiser both for the school and for the Ronald McDonald House.

“It’s amazing, I’m a very big believer that little hands, helping little hands makes a huge difference in a child’s fundamentals. And if they learn the meaning of giving they definitely grow up to be amazing adults,” said Theresa Brucculeri from the Board of Directors at Ronald McDonald House, Long Island.

According to Brucculeri, for years the school has been a big supporter, raising thousands of dollars for them, not including the money from this carnival fundraiser.

Christine Lucchese, President of the Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy Parents Association, organized the event. She said it’s a great way to teach students about giving back.

“They just can’t wait to have fun and to give back, because we have been talking about this foundation for about a month and a half now, really letting them know what the cause is about, why were are doing this, and we really want them to learn the meaning of giving back, giving back as a community, giving back as a person,” she explained.

Maura McCarthy who is on the academy’s Board of Directors, agreed that giving back is an important part of a Catholic education.

“We try to instill academic values, religious values, and community support values and it’s so great,” she said.

“Throughout the year we have shown videos on how that house really helps support families whose children have cancer and are struggling. So it’s wonderful that they’re having a great time, but it’s also wonderful that they’re helping people.”

And the students love it.

“I’m happy that I could help, because I would be sad if I had something wrong, and it’s just fun to help someone else,” said Reilly, a student at the school.

The carnival is happening on Friday June 21 from 5pm to 10pm, Saturday June 22 from 3pm to 10pm and on Sunday June 23 from 2pm to 9pm.  

It will take place at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Academy’s parking lot located at 34-45 202nd Street in Bayside.