Cathedral On Canvas – Visual Tribute To Notre Dame

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By Michelle Powers

Ric Adam may sound like a native to the city of lights, but it was only fifteen years ago that he first dipped his brushes in France.

“I was in NYC and Chelsea, my friends said you have to go to Paris,” he said.

It was there rick met his muse, his mademoiselle, a so-called old lady, the subject of hundreds of his paintings, the Notre Dame de Paris.

But unlike most tourists who take photos of the famous towers – when Ric puts his brush to canvas, it’s from a different vantage point.

Since the fire, his paintings have become visual tributes on canvas, with the power to move people to tears.

“That’s one of the most beautiful things in Paris,” said Nancy Hennig.

She chose a painting with the spire she watched fall before her eyes.

“The say they are going to rebuild this – you can’t rebuild 850 years,” Nancy added.

Ric hasn’t painted since the cathedral’s roof crumbled, but he says one day soon, he’ll continue to paint what once was. As long as people still have their memories–the beauty remains.